Gentle Yoga

10:30 – 12:00
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Zoom Sun Salutations

9:00 – 9:30
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Zoom Sun Salutations

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 Hatha Yoga

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10:00 – 11:15

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Sun Salutations – Online

Starting at 9 am and finishing at 9:30 Monday and Thursday Katie has adapted the class so it can be attended via a zoom link and this has proved a popular option.  We are promoting this to get more Yoga enthusiasts involved

Attendance will benefit your fitness, strength and assist your circulation, muscles, joints and flexibility.
Join us for Sun Salutations


What do you want to do?

If you have an instant answer, ask another question, How? What conditions can you put in place to create the most fertile land for your seeds of dreams?

If there is no instant answer, Look at the signposts on your own road & see where they have led you, question everything, & take time to reflect.

Words are an attempt to shadow the experiences we have. Yoga is the body, an explanation can be misleading, each person will have a different view.

Vision & Transformation

The vision is the first step, the transformation is everything else that comes after to colour it in and fill it with body and life.

Having the conditions in place to practice yoga allows a smoother transition into transformation.

Yoga isn’t just one thing; it is a plethora of suggested ingredients for the most ordinary of gourmet 5 star experiences.

Yoga can be seen as a map around a world in all directions from A to B when A=B via the alphabet a few times.

True identity is revealed when you realise that you don’t understand.

Identifying with your own ignorance is a key, a gift, however difficult it is to look at yourself as your greatest teacher.

“Yoga is 1% Theory & 99% Practice.” K Patabi Jois.

One can read and memorise the scriptures, internalising and “knowing”, but to put them in embodied practice is real knowing.

“If all Yoga practitioners renounced attachment, commercialism, Meditated, followed the Yamas & Niyamas with enthusiasm, Capitalism would be forced out of the centre of modern yoga. “ Yoga Journal.

Dedicate your practice to your teachers, to your friends, to your Sangha+ and your practice is immediately not self-orientated. Karma Yoga is a renunciation of the merits of practice.