Sun Salutations 9:10 – 9:30, Chapel House Studios, Donation

I am delighted to confirm Sun Salutations is starting again !!!

It will be in the Chapel House studios – as they are great….. and its a really big room so we can comply with Social Distancing requirements.

The room comes at a cost and I would be grateful if you as generous as you can be with your donation so I can try and meet this overhead. I really want to try and maintaining participation on a donation basis and will give it some time to see how it works out.

We are trying to avoid cash transactions and I am working with a developer to enable donations to be made through the web site but this may take a while to sort. I will keep you posted.

The door will open at 9am for a 9-10 start – please be prompt as the front door will lock at 9-10 !

Currently we will be doing this Monday and Thursdays and I am waiting on whether we might do Tuesdays as well.

Given the circumstances there will be a few requirements:

-Please wear your face covering off your mat, both before and after session.
– Your feet must be covered – though you can have bare feet on the mat. I have found in other classes grippy socks to be really effective. I have some pretty good ones you can buy if you don’t have any.
-Please bring your own mat
-Please complete the risk assessment as I require this for insurance (In case you can’t I’ll bring printed versions to the sessions)

Thanks for your patience – and keep safe and well !

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