Katie doing yoga on a beach

Mondays 10:45 – 12 Chapel House Studios, £8
block book (at least 6 sessions) to make it £7.50 per class.

What is it?
The class begins with a gentle but thorough warm-up, focusing on breath and mobilising joints and muscles, We spend time exploring varying asana postures and sequences, with precision, softness, and fluidity. We practice pranyama and krias for conscious breathing methods and close the session with a led relaxation/meditation.

We practice asana postures, and breath control to build prana (life force) and strengthen the muscles and joints to support our ever-changing bodies. For the body; muscles, joints, circulation, hormone balance.
For the mind; concentration, focus, discipline, relaxation, peace. To name but a few! With the intention of taking care, trusting our own intuition, and having respect for our bodies.

The classes are designed for any level of practice, be it beginner, or advanced practitioner, I have deliberately planned gentle classes to open the doors of yoga up to those who may be rusty, or shy, or a bit out of practice, however it is a drop in class and everyone is welcome. The emphasis in a mixed capability class will be on ones own practice, remembering that each of us have different capabilities, confidence levels, physical limits, even lung capacity! a constant reminder of our uniqueness.
What do I wear?
Please wear sports wear or comfortable clothing and no shoes. Bring a jumper, socks and a blanket for relaxation. Also bring water. There will be a few mats available but please bring your own if possible. 

How do I book?
This is a drop in class in STUDIO 1, so theres no need to pre book, however if youd like to pay by the term, or would like any other details, do get in touch by email or  phone; letters2katie@gmail.com  07788 614 732  or we could chat after the class.
How much?
The class is £8.00 drop in or block book (at lease 6 sessions) to make it £7.50 per class.

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