Active Restorative; Inquisitive; Focussed; Mindful Tuesdays 6.15 – 7:45pm, Birdwood House £8

What is it?

An Inquisitive, creative session using a variety of methods derived from several different lineages of Yoga and Qigong, this is an energetically restorative kind of yoga.

Who can come?

These sessions are a response to those who come, and will have some familiar postures, and sequences, but also delving deeply into variations of our familiar postures to reveal further secrets from within, testing not just our assumptions but our awareness of our bodies as we move.


With a strong emphasis on guiding movement with the force of the breath, this is a chance to explore some more challenging postures, with lightness & a calm frame of mind.
This is an opportunity to really enjoy and learn the delights of simple and profound movements, more challenging ideas, with enthusiasm, led with strong, clear guidance & encouragement.

What to wear or bring?

Either stretchy athlecic or loose natural fibres, a layer of warmth for relaxation, and preferably your own mat if you have one. We do have a couple of clean spare mats, but is more hygienic to bring yours.

I will bring some props, but if you know you need extra support ( -like a block) please bring your own.

How do I book?

Get in touch with me directly, or after a class if you know you’d like to book a few sessions at a time, or if you’d like to try out one session, drop in to see how you get on.

Those who have a rolling class card, there is a paypal link on the front page to automatically top up your bank of classes.


““Trayam Ekatra Samyamah”  The practice of the three ( Dharana, Dhyana, & Samadi) upon one object is Samyama

From this practice come the sidhis. You dive deeply into an object or idea, and it releases its secrets” 

Source: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Sri Swami Satchidananda

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