Once the brain has released its confines, the body can re learn how to be flexible.

This is an extract from a physiotherapist, & ballet teacher’s blog;

One day, in my final year of physiotherapy training, it all changed. I was watching an operation, an elderly man was having a total hip replacement, in the hospital where I was on placement. I had assessed the patient in the morning, and I could lift his leg to about 45 degrees (with him lying on his back). However, once the man was under a general anaesthetic, my previous concept of “flexibility” was shattered when the surgeon casually lifted the 75 year old man‟s leg, well past this point. When he saw the look of disbelief on my face he grinned, took it even further and said “It‟s amazing what happens when the mind gets out of the way, huh?!.”

This is such an interesting concept to bring into Yoga practice, so much so that when I brought it up in a session recently a few jaws dropped in disbelief, really it is such an amazing thing to begin to understand, that our minds have so much control over our muscle movement.

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