Who is this for?

This light hearted yoga session is a fairly active class,
each session is different and there is scope for most people interested in

Each person’s needs will be taken into account; *adapting the
yoga for the body rather than adapting the body for the yoga. (*Desicachar)

It is a good idea to consider bringing your own mat if you have one, and a rug if you can, otherwise we have a few spare mats & rugs you can borrow if you’re trying it out for the first time.

What is it?

“Hatha” yoga, (Ha=Sun Tha = Moon,) is an umbrella term,
which encompasses many types of asana (postural) yoga. In this session we look
at these methods and techniques in a holistic way, with breath and focus on the
movements of the spine being at the forefront of the practice.

What to wear?

Either loose natural fabrics, or athletic leggings/top, it
really is up to you, you know your body well; it is a good idea to have
something you can stretch well in top to toe.


This practice can help to create deeper flexibility both
physically and mentally. Yoga is a science of integration, to help not just the
body, but also the mind and to nourish the spirit.

It is a well established class which has been running for a
long time, so there is a fun camaraderie within the group of individuals
attending regularly, they are encouraging and warm, happily making room for
drop in visitors and new regular attendees.


St Marys church hall, Totnes. Not the easiest place to find,
behind Windeatts solicitor’s High st, down the cobbled lane beside and away
from the road, the church hall is through some iron gates to the left.


Fridays at 10am, till 11.30. Usually school term time, but
there are some exceptions, I can let you know nearer the time.

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