Chelan Freeman

What can people expect from the session?

I will contribute a dynamic and integrated flowing asana practice and hope to inspire the body to move in ways that spark clarity of mind and arouse the sense of connection to every part of the body.

This is a dynamic and active practice that will incorporate both slow yet strong sequences inviting you to surrender from life's challenges at the same time as rising up rooted. With deep stretching, meditation and interwoven philosophy this class will leave you feeling energised yet tranquil. This is an all levels class, so there will be options according to your experience.
This is an uplifting heart based practice that invites you to move in flow with your body and breathe deeply, connect to your spirit and rest in your inner knowing.



Chelan's History

I've been a dancer my whole life and became a Yoga teacher in 2011 after spending my 20's travelling through Asia and South America. My journey has taken me to some extremely awe inspiring places in this human realm and other magical ones which have gifted me a sensitivity which feeds my creativity and artistry. I've been committed to my own personal growth for as long as I can remember and weave all my experiences into my teachings, vulnerabilities and triumphs.

Having dealt with some serious health issues over the past eight years I have come to truly appreciate this human experience and the true meaning of non attachment, surrender and acceptance. A lifelong journey to realisation one that never ceases to inspire..



200 YTT, 500 hr YTT, BA Hons Dance Theatre, Thai Yoga Massage.



"I am lucky enough to travel much of the world and meet many talented teachers and masters of many fields. Your gentle, powerful holding and teaching and guidance is truly outstanding. I feel blessed to be able to experience it. Thank you."

— a yoga practitionor