About Katie

Mother, daughter, partner, sister, granddaughter, owner, painter, singer (in the shower) prolific reader, dog walker, organiser, uncertified child psychologist, nanny, multi-tasking unpaid PA to all in the house, cook, (except when kids are away) cleaner, (except when kids are away) washerwoman, writer, gardener.

“ when you wash your dishes, just wash your dishes” Lao Tze.

When time appears to have a break for me, all the things I’ve put myself up for, I’m often amazed about how I’m doing it all, but also what I’m doing, and with what help.

The question is, what am I doing?

A friend stopped me in the street, I was looking pretty miserable I think, and he said, “What do you want to do?”

A big question.

Which led to, “what do I not want to do any more?”

Re-evaluating constantly can be exhausting, but like Sangharakshita* said, “there is no holiday in the spiritual life”

Not long after I took on another Yoga class & quit my shop job for the world of Yoga, and the universe of self employment.

“When I let go of what I am,” Lao Tzu wrote, “I become what I might be.”

+Sangha= Spiritual community, those who practice with you.
*Sangharakshita, founder of FWBO/Triratna Buddhist community.