One 2 One

Ashtanga Sangha

What is it? Wednesday mornings are dedicated to the study of Ashtanga yoga, starting with our usual donation based Sun Salutations 9.10-9.30. From 9.30to 10am -we discuss certain areas of the eight limbs of Ashtanga as laid out by Patanjali … Read More

Restorative; Inquisitive; Focussed; Mindful

Active Restorative; Inquisitive; Focussed; Mindful Tuesdays 6.15 – 7:45pm, Birdwood House £8 What is it? An Inquisitive, creative session using a variety of methods derived from several different lineages of Yoga and Qigong, this is an energetically restorative kind of … Read More

Gentle Yoga

Mondays 10:45 – 12 Chapel House Studios, £8 block book (at least 6 sessions) to make it £7.50 per class. What is it?The class begins with a gentle but thorough warm-up, focusing on breath and mobilising joints and muscles, We … Read More

Creative Yoga

Mixed ability creative yoga 10:00 – 11:30 Angel Gallery £8 This is what sun salutations are…

Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations 9:10 – 9:30, Angel Gallery, Donation This is what sun salutations are…