Join Katie's Yoga Collective for a day of healing

Improve your well being and support Goundwater Relief

Katie's ethos

Katies yoga pages is a site designed to create a welcoming platform for anyone to use to find ways to use yoga to help in any area of life.

Yoga and wellness Practitioners often work alone, and this site gives us a chance to come together and share our skills, our passions for learning, for yoga, and meeting the desire to work together to be a support to each other on this journey.

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The Teachers

Katie Hancock

Katie Hancock

I am delighted to be part of a network of practitioners in order to share our skills and open the doors of yoga to those who will benefit from further understanding of the different facets of Yoga.

Image of Joy Prater, yoga practitioner

Joy Prater

I’m really excited to be part of this collaborative movement of yoga practitioners and I’m keen to share my skills, knowledge and love of yoga with you all. What I enjoy sharing most of all is gentle yoga in a style that is accessible for everyone.

image of James Russel in a Yoga pose

James Russell

It is a pleasure to be involved with this collaboration and touch base with many teachers I know. Bringing us together is inspired and a great way to move forward through recent events.
The importance of different yoga practices are becoming more visible to the general public and I am keen to share my enthusiasm for the Kriyas.

Pippa Griffin Image

Pippa Griffin

Arriving with a deep gratitude for the invitation to be part of Katies Yoga Collective Day and to teach alongside some of Devon’s
most inspiring practitioners.
Helping people to feel at home in their own incredible and unique bodies and connect to our natural environment are certainly two of my greatest passions in life and I feel a great joy to be offered the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and experiences in this work.
I am also a nature connection facilitator and trained Forest School Practitioner.
Connecting to ‘Body and Earth’ an inseparable relationship, connecting land and heart and inviting the beauty of conscious living.


Chelan Freeman

The day gives freedom to explore different practices and I am thrilled to be involved. On a personal level supporting Groundwater Relief is of great interest.

I am excited by the participation of different yoga instructors to learn from each other – and understand that our client base is shared
I want to encourage exploration of your inner enabling a listening to your instincts and, most importantly, to enjoy a day of yoga and movement practices which may have the potential to change lives for the better in so many ways.


Gina Hayes

I’m thrilled to be part of this inspiring collaboration and to be raising awareness of the endless benefits of Yoga. I’ve been teaching Yoga for more than 15 years and am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned. My teaching combines breath, alignment and energy work in creative sequences to free cluttered minds and bodies and lift the spirits.


Stephanie Bailey

I am thrilled to be joining Katie and all these amazing teachers to share the diverse expressions that constitute what yoga is and can be. In today’s session I will share a Kundalini Pranayam Flow, with mantric music to guide the flow of movements, breath, mudra and meditation. Expect a great playlist and some chanting!

Susie Ro

Susie Ro

I love to be part of bringing nourishment and joy to the community. I love co-creating and collaborating. I am passionate about offering people a space to deeply rest, to recharge, rejuvenate and relax. I want to give people an opportunity to go inside themselves, to create a magical time for them to journey within.