Gina Hayes

What can people expect from the session?

An uplifting Hatha-Fusion Flow Yoga Class to boost vitality and embrace the Spring!

Inspired by nature and classical Chinese five elements, our practice will celebrate the ‘time of the wood’– birth, movement, strength and flexibility.

The session will combine upbeat Yoga Flow, detoxifying kriyas and uplifting breathwork into a mini master class in ‘spring cleaning’ the body and mind, releasing and letting go.

Poses will be adapted for all levels but expect to be playfully challenged to your edge as we work our way to stiller places, finding nourishment and rejuvenation.

We’ll also be creating space and perspective and positive intentions, planting seeds of change within for the growth ahead.


Gina Hayes in a yoga pose
Gina Hayes in a yoga pose

Gina's History

I started practicing Yoga after fracturing my spine. It completely healed my back and rewrote a debilitating chapter of my life. From there Yoga gave me so much more: a spring in my step, a glow, a depth, a resilience and an inner strength so strong I felt I could deal with whatever life may throw at me. I wanted to share all of this so I became a Yoga teacher.

I’ve taught in London Yoga studios ‘One life’ and ‘Home’. I moved to Devon 11 years ago and have been mainly teaching at The Forge Yoga Centre in Totnes and for Riverford organic farmers.  I have my own little studio too, and call my teaching ‘Yoga Sunshine’.



  • British Wheel of Yoga (Barbara Joseph) Teacher Training Foundation
  • Yoga Professionals (Paul Conrad) Teacher Training
  • Kripalu Lifeforce Yoga (Amy Winetraub) Yoga Teacher Training
  • Devon School of Yoga (Duncan Hulin)  Yoga Therapy Diploma
  • Aerial Silks Yoga (Gillie Sutherland) Teacher Training
  • Embodied Flow Training (Tara Judelle) Intensive
  • Paul Grilley The functional approach to Yin Yoga
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga (Cateyana) Kids Yoga Teacher Training
  • Reiki level I & II

Gina's regular classes at the moment

I’m  currently running fortnightly  New and Full Moon Yoga classes online  7-8pm and weekly rise and shine yoga 7.30-8.20 am Wednesday mornings.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:00 am
rise and shine yoga

7.30-8.20 am

Flowing Yoga
9.30 - 10.45 am
Angel Hall
Bowden House, Totnes
Flowing Yoga

9.30 - 10.45 am

The Forge Yoga Centre, Totnes

Power Hr

9.15 - 10.15 am

Sunshine Studios, Totnes

Flowing Yoga

9.30 - 10.45 am

Sunshine Studios, Totnes




"I have studied yoga throughout my life and experienced most yoga forms and various yoga teachers...I can honestly say Gina has taken my practise both physically, mentally and spritually to a completely different level. I don't just look forward to her Monday morning class I depend on it to keep me sane for the rest of the week. I am strong. I have grown inwardly outwardly and we always ...always manage to have a laugh. "

— Sue 
Totnes, Devon

After Gina’s classes I feel like the best version of myself. She has a wat of bringing out the best in you through the practice whether you’re a total beginner or very experienced. I highly recommend her classes.

— Adele
Totnes, Devon

Gina’s classes are amazing. They are varied and energising. You feel fantastic afterwards. I can’t recommend her enough.

— Tasha
Totnes, Devon

Gina’s classes are both a lifeline and a reminder of better things to come

— Jeremy
Totnes, Devon