Katie Hancock

This yoga collaboration gives us a rare opportunity to link up with other teachers, to widen our horizons, to open up the doors of yoga to more people, students, clients & teachers. As far as I’m concerned there are very few people who wouldn’t benefit from this day of shared skills and fellowship for the future.

Practitioners often work alone, and this is a chance for these dedicated yogi’s to come together and share their skills, meeting the desire to keep learning, we can work alongside each other to be a support on this journey.

We, as a collective want to share our passions for the depths of our yoga experiences.

What can people expect from the session?

The kind of Yoga I regularly guide is one that not only focuses on connection to your physical body, but can also help you to release the secrets of the deeper aspects of your mind and body, how the integration of your body and your mind work together through movement and breath, through stillness and the power of intention.

Connection, concentration, a wider appreciation & understanding of their body & mind, and with a humble appreciation of the skills of others, both present and past.

Katie Hancock

" You are what your deep driving desire is,

as your desire is, so is your will,

as your will is so is your deed,

as your deed it, so is your destiny" 



This quote always gets my juices flowing, and with such a power in the words how can we not keep learning! knowing how quickly we change!

I am hoping my teaching - which will focus on elements of Meditation, Concentration, movement and breath in well known asana postures, will enhance a wider appreciation and understanding of the body & mind.

I will lead a gentle warm-up, bring in the focus of breath and intention to thread into the session, through the day, and a super relaxing guided Yoga Nidra session at the end of the day.

Katie's History

I've been practicing Yoga since 1999 and Meditation. Buddhism since 2002. My Yoga practice is influenced by Hatha, Iyengar, & Scaravelli methods as well as other influences based on ongoing studies.
I also have a background in a variety of healing practices and the arts.


  • Devon School of Yoga, Diploma Teacher training 500hours.
  • Tomas Hana Somatics training guide.
  • Meditation guide, Triratna Buddhism.
  • Fine Art degree

Katies's usual Yoga Classes

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


Gentle Yoga



Hatha Yoga



For more information on Katie’s regular classes or any questions about the day please drop us a message or book online



"Small observations in daily life help me to see how Yoga has improved my life...

I like myself more... I was serious when I said the contribution I give for your time is the best spend I am making."

— S.P

"Katie's yoga sessions are full of passion, expression, lively and fun, a reality check or two, and can pretty much guarantee a deeply personal experience each time."

— Tonia

"An excellent teacher with a lighthearted touch!"

— Andrew, Gentle Yoga
Chapel house Studio.