Susie Ro

What can people expect from the session?

DreamSong Yoga Nidra and Heart Song. Participants will lie down comfortably, snuggled up and warm, and journey inwards into dream space. They will be guided into deep relaxation, and will be serenaded by improvised song of the moment,. Expect to be soothed and rejuvenated, nourished and inspired. These DreamSong sessions will give you space to feel what is under the surface, and deeply accept yourself exactly as you are.

Susie Ro

Susie's History

Susie is a dynamic workshop leader, singer-songwriter, voice coach, composer for choirs, ceremonial singer and Yoga Nidra teacher.
She tours internationally with harmony singing workshops, soulful concerts, retreats and improvisation weekends, DreamSong evenings and teacher training courses. sharing her heart-felt music and joy of singing together wherever she goes.

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